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Further Information about City Lodge and How to Join

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How to Join City Lodge of Freemasons 3568

People often wonder what the process is for joining freemasonry and some Freemasons who joined later than they would have liked would have wanted to have had access to this sort of information when they wished to join.  Some people think that they have to wait for an invitation from a Freemasons lodge but this is not so.  The first thing to do is to read the information you will find on this site and you can then make an informed decision as to whether or not you wish to proceed based on good information. If you have specific questions then look at our Questions and Answers page.


If you’ve read the information available to you and still wish to proceed then you should contact our secretary and he will answer any questions you may have.  He will then organise a time and place for you to meet with senior members of the lodge in an interview situation – no need to worry, we are all very friendly.  If the interview panel are happy that you are a suitable candidate for freemasonry, your details will be presented to the lodge and there will be a vote on your acceptance as a candidate  for Freemasonry.  If the ballot is successful (Its unusual not to be) then you will be asked to come along to the lodge meeting for initiation – we’ve all been through it so nothing to worry about.

Is Freemasonry expensive

One question that often arises is “Is Freemasonry expensive?”  All I can really say about expense is that different lodges charge an annual subscription fee which is determined by each individual lodge. The majority of this fee is paid by all Freemasons, i.e. part of the annual subscription for all Freemasons goes to United Grand Lodge of England, part to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham (for Province of Durham Freemasons), part as a management fee at the venue of the lodge meetings and the remainder to manage your own lodge.  So for instance the subscription for City Lodge currently stands at £130.00 per annum.  You should anticipate dining after lodge meetings (when you’re able to stay for the meal) but different venues charge different rates depending on the service offered, for instance dining fees at City Lodge are currently £12.00 for a superb three course dinner.  Donations to charity are also part of Freemasonry, but these are dictated by each individual Freemason’s personal circumstances.

How to Join City Lodge

For more information about Freemasonry or how you can apply to join City Lodge of Freemasons 3568 please email us at:- preferably with a telephone number where we can contact you and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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