Officers of City Lodge of Freemasons 3568

From this page you can access all the officer posts in the Lodge. The Worshipful Master is the senior member of the lodge and is elected on an annual basis.  Two other officers are elected, namely the Treasurer and the Tyler.  All other officers are appointed by the Worshipful Master after his election.  Some of the officer posts are maintained on a long term basis such as the Secretary, Chaplain, Almoner and other posts are progressive, eventually leading to election as Worshipful Master.

The officers of the lodge are listed below. Click on any of the posts to see the information that officer wishes to share with everyone.

Worshipful Master                                          W Bro Tom Huscroft, PrJGD
Senior Warden                                                 W.Bro Jim Pendrey PPrAGR (Hants and IoW)
Junior Warden                                                 W Bro Tony Gallimore PPJGD
Chaplain                                                          W Bro George Parkinson, PProvGSwdB
Treasurer                                                          Bro. John Hutchinson
Secretary                                                          Bro Geoff Smith
Director of Ceremonies                                   W Bro John B Gibson, PGJD, PPJGW
Almoner                                                           W Bro John N Kirby, PPrSGD
Charity Steward                                               Bro Geoff Smith
Lodge Mentor                                                  Bro. Frank Bilton, PPGPurs
Senior Deacon                                                 Bro. Daniel A. L. Gallimore
Junior Deacon                                                 Bro Mark Hoynes
Asst Director of Ceremonies                          W Bro Philip A. Watson, PPGReg
Organist                                                          Bro Edwin Stanger,  PPGPurs
Asst Secretary                                                W Bro David W Frostwick, PPGSwdB
Inner Guard                                                    W.Bro Bill Jackson
Senior Steward                                               Vacant
Stewards                                                         Bro Bill Mason
Tyler                                                               W Bro Michael J. Crabtree PPGReg

Immediate Past Master                                     W.Bro Nigel Watson


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