Chaplain, City Lodge 3568



Duties of the Lodge Chaplain.

My name is George Parkinson and I joined Freemasonry in March1997. My duties as Lodge Chaplain are to offer on behalf of the members prayers to the Great Architect of the Universe. I also liaise with the Lodge Almoner in order to provide Spiritual and Pastoral care for lodge members and their families and loved ones in times of difficulty.  My work as Chaplain is very confidential and like the Almoner we try to direct members with trouble and difficulties to ways of help and support.  I suppose it is fair to say that most of the Chaplain’s work is to deal with the problems of the members behind the scenes. I was very proud to be Master of City Lodge 3568 in 2004.  I am a member of other Lodges and several side degrees.  Freemasonry has given me a wider experience of life, (none of us are the same, we are all individuals and have our different ways) which has helped me to understand my daily ministry even more so. The friends I have gained and the social life I have shared with Freemasons can only be described as overwhelming.  Freemasons care for one another and also for the communities to which they belong.  I can only recommend being a member of a Freemasons Lodge is a great experience where friendships are forged for a lifetime.



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