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Master and Junior Warden

Master and Junior Warden


Welcome to my page,  my name is Tony Gallimore and I’m the Junior Warden of City Lodge 3568. A Freemasons Lodge based in Durham.  I hope you find our  site interesting and informative.


I was born in North Staffordshire in a small market town called Leek where I was brought up attending the local grammar school. My working background covers a multitude of sins.   I was an officer in the Royal Navy for 26 years and this was followed by nine years as a Director at South Shields General Hospital. I then set up my own company providing magnetic products for various uses ranging from health to heating.  I have also been a Practice Manager for a large general practice in the North East and for the last eight years I have been a management consultant specialising in health information management.  I am now retired.

For me, being involved in masonry means knowing and cooperating with many like minded men who enjoy good company and contributing to an organisation with high standards for the benefit of masons and the well being of the wider community. The slogans ‘Freemasonry Cares’ and ‘Freemasonry In The Community’ help to understand what the organisation stands for.

City Lodge can provide new members with an excellent opportunity for further personal development and to get involved with achievements and benefits for society in general.

If you would like to join City Lodge email us with your name and telephone number so that we can contact you – you won’t regret it.

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