My Freemasonry

My freemasonry started by joining City Lodge in 1987.  It was a most enjoyable and rewarding experience taking the opportunity of carrying out the roles of all of the offices and attaining the chair of Worshipful Master (WM) in 2006 and 2013.

St Cecilia

As a founder member of Saint Cecilia Lodge No 9685, I was WM in 2014 and currently hold the office of Charity Steward.


I was born in Colne in Lancashire and my working life started with an engineering apprenticeship with Mullard Ltd., part of Philips the Dutch electronics company. After the apprenticeship plus academic courses and managerial appointments, I was part of the senior team involved in starting a new Philips TV factory in Durham in 1970.
Meeting new friends developed into a career change, becoming Managing Director of two engineering companies. I was fortunate to receive  an invitation to join City Lodge.
Freemasonry plays a significant role in my social life, and I recommend it to any man of good moral standing who is keen to support charitable giving to deserving causes whilst at the same time achieving personal development, and the enjoyment of a full social life.

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