Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master City Lodge 3568

Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master – Introduction

My name is Thomas (Tom) Huscroft I am the Worshipful Master of City Lodge 3568, I was installed as master in February 2017 – this will be my second time in the chair of my lodge. I have been in Freemasonry since 1999 (I was the last person to be initiated into our Lodge in the 20th Century), I was master for the first time in 2008.


I was born at Cornsay Colliery in 1952 and moved to Langley Park at the age of 5 years, I attended Langley Park Secondary School.

My work background is in mechanical engineering and worked for a local authority in that capacity, after an accident I took early retirement, I returned back to work last year, I now work as a delivery driver for Sainsburys.

I am also a local school governor and I am on the executive committee of the Durham Cricket League. I have been married for 40 years with two children and three grandchildren (who keep me young at heart and active).

My life has changed since joining Freemasonry I have made many friends and my wife and I have had many enjoyable social evenings.

Masonic Duties

My masonic duties are to manage the Lodge in all aspects from day to day management to taking part in all of our rituals. During my time in the lodge I have  progressed through the ranks to where I am now. I have, along with other brethren attended a number of lodges [representing City lodge] in the Province of Durham and further afield. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Mason and would recommend Masonry to anybody who wishes to join.

Worshipful Master – What does it mean?

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions by non-masons “what does the worshipful master do?”  I suppose my job for the year is roughly equivalent to being the chief executive of any other organisation, but with the added requirement of leading the ritual we use in our ceremonies and I am ably assisted by my two senior officers namely the Senior and Junior Wardens.  My objectives for my year in the chair are for the members of the lodge to enjoy their freemasonry; to enable the lodge to raise money for our charities and to end my year with the lodge in a healthy state with an accepted route to a successful future.


If you wish to know more about Freemasonry please go to How to Join City Lodge of Freemasons 3568.

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